5 Months on T - the monsterpost.

It has been nearly 5 months now since i started T so im going to do a bit of a rundown of whats been going on and the like.

I think it’s important to talk about not only the physical changes, which on the whole happen to everyone at some point but the mental and emotional changes too, with that in mind..

Head, shoulders knees & toes.

Head - mental, emotional, physical

I had not really known much about the mental changes that happen on testosterone until they had been pointed out to me, 
Since i began testosterone i have cried maybe twice, one time due to excess emotion and one time due to feeing so frustrated with dysphoria. I have found that my frustrations manifest themselves in anger more than sadeness, for example if i cant do something then i’ll likely get a but mad about it and not sad, I have been able to rationalise things more too.

Here come the comparisons..


these so far are the only changes i have seen, there are slight body differences, more belly fat and less leg fat and a teeny tiny pre-teen moustache as well as a deeper voice.


what i have found after passing relatively consistently for a while now is that i have ben getting more and more agitated about my chest, it is becoming debilitating particularly in this heatwave we are having and due to a new job i am working at a desk all day long which is making my back and chest hurt when i get home. 

The state of play with the NHS is that i have no idea when i will get a first appointment which is also weighing on my mind all the time, i feel so ready to move on with my life but feel so held back by the binder.
I want to be able to run, swim, just get out of bed and put on a shirt without having to think about it. I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way.

anyway i have ranted on for long enough, here are a few photos so i can look back and be all ‘look at that 23 year old 14 year old’

shoulder hair?

teeny muscles

baby moustache